Tuesday, July 19, 2011

2011 6-Pack Alley Cat Recap

We had over 35 riders show up for this year's 6-Pack Alley Cat Ride.  Registration was an impressive sea of bikes: cruisers, fixies, road bikes, bikes with trailers, trail-a-bikes, mountain bikes...and even one Pugsly.  The weather was awesome and the sun was out in full force.
riders waiting in the shade for the start
After we got everyone logged in at the shop we headed down the street to Farmin Park for the manifests and start.  The riders had 5 minutes to study their manifest with checkpoints, plot their order and plan their route.  It was interesting to see the different approaches.  One group of ladies didn't leave for another 5 minutes after the start as they were strategizing and planning.
riders studying their manifests
3 of the checkpoints were manned and the riders had to perform tasks.  The other 3 checkpoints were unmanned and required riders to obtain some information to prove they were there.  All the checkpoints highlighted this year's theme of "pay it forward...cause giving is fun"  and recognized a person in the community that has also given.

All but 2 riders (prior injuries) made it to the finish.  We had a little blood and some tired faces, but everyone was happy.  The last checkpoint was at Trinity and riders had a choice of slamming a PBR or doing 20 push-ups...most all choose the beer.  Go figure.
these gals choose to add to their workout
Engraved beer glasses were awarded to top finishers in road, mountain bike and single speed categories.

And yes we even had some prizes for the DFLs...a compass and map of Sandpoint.
one of the DFLs...hope she wasn't hiding her face on purpose
Thanks to our sponsors who generously gave and ensured such a successful event: Trinity at City Beach, Pita Pit, The Loading Dock, Laughing Dog, Monarch Mountain Coffee, Pend d'Oreille Winery and Eichardt's Pub and Grill.  The swag was amazing!!

In the end, it was about raising money and food for the Food Bank...mission accomplished!!  We donated over 100lbs in food and a check for $200.  Thanks to all that participated and we'll see you at next year's Alley Cat with a new adventure.

Friday, July 1, 2011

2011 6-Pack Alley Cat Bike Ride

Here we are, year 2 for the Alley Cat.  Below is the event flyer and below that is an online reg form...use it or just show up day of with $15 buck and bike in hand.  See you there!