Thursday, February 23, 2012

Pack River Winter Ride

I'm finding that snowmobile trails make for great Pugs rides.  The snow gets a nice pack and even with some fresh snow on it, you can still motor on.  

I went up Pack River and parked at the snowmobile trailhead...there was not another soul up there.  I started up the trail which has obviously had a good amount of use over the winter.  Buton this day there was 3-4" of fresh snow sitting on top of the trail. 

Going up the drainage is a steady climb with a couple heart rate spikes thrown in.  It was an awesome ride, quiet and peaceful.  However, the 3-4" of freshies turned into 4-5" the further up the road I got.  Still doable but there was some leg burn.

I rode up to where the road crosses over the river and heads up the other side of the drainage,  Good place for some pics, a snack and to turn around and bomb all the elevation back to the truck!!

Going back I tried to ride my uphill track, less friction but takes some serious finesse.

thought I was riding a much straighter line

Monday, February 20, 2012

Cocolalla Lake/Round Lake Winter Ride

Today I took a great little winter ride on the Pugs from Cocolalla Lake to Round Lake.  The connector trail had not had much use this winter and the snow was around 6" deep.  It was tough going to say the least.  I had to walk up hills, but for the most part it was doable.

Once at Round Lake, trail conditions got much better as it gets much more use.  The snow around the lake however was rather wet, but the good news is it provided a lot of traction. 

one of several creek crossings

trails through the woods were all very nice
 I did a loop around the lake and called it a day!

note the slush