Friday, May 25, 2012

Lost Image

Last year I turned 40.  I had a simple plan to go ride 40 rugged miles in Kettle Crest with some bros.  In addition, I planned to drink 40 beers.  I won't say which I achieved, but I did sit in a literal hot seat...wicker throne in the campfire.
don't try this at home kids

Monday, May 21, 2012

Classic/Unique Bike Show

So, we held our first Classic/Unique Bike Show last Saturday.  The concept was easy, if you had a classic (loose criteria but said at least 25 years old) or unique (even more vague) bike, bring it down to the shop Saturday morning.  We got some fencing materials from our buddies at SARS and Marley Construction and created a secure viewing area.  We then lined up the all the fancy bikes and hung tags on them with their year, make, model and personal story.  We had 68 bikes on display!

The lot was very diverse with vintage cruisers, early mountain bikes, home made jobers, hand made road bikes, tandems, trikes, gas assists, dual-drives and lots and lots of interesting stories.

We opened gates from 12-4pm and anyone could go through, view the bikes and vote on their choice for Best in Show and Most Unique.  We had nearly 200 people come through the viewing area and 149 votes cast. 

A vintage 1958 Ladies Western Flyer Sonic Flyer Limited “Sparkle Edition,” submitted by Kalee Peters and Tim French from Sandpoint, Idaho, was crowned “Best of Show” by the voters. 

A custom-built Schwinn “Tall Boy” bike, entered by Dave Parkins of Garfield Bay, was voted “Most Unique.”

Placing second in the Best of Show category was a 1951 Schwinn Hornet, submitted by Brett Mullinder of Sandpoint. A converted Huffy Lawn Mower Bike, entered by Jim Mellen of Sandpoint, placed second in the Most Unique category. The lawn mower bike welded an old Huffy with a push-blade lawn mower, which worked great if you are riding straight ahead. Prizes were awarded to the two bicycles receiving the most votes in each category.

Each bicycle submitted had a personal story of its history. One touching story was the 1934 Blue Ribbon Girl’s Cruiser, submitted by Steve Meyer of Sandpoint: "My mother received the bicycle on her 12th birthday. Her father died that year, and being it was the Depression, there wasn’t a lot of hope. Her neighbors chipped in and bought this bike as a birthday present. Surely, it cheered her up. I can imagine the thrill."

I was super stoked with the response from both people that brought their bikes down for display and the people that wandered through to view the bikes.  I heard some great stories and made some new friends.  This will for sure happen again next year and I promise to make it an even bigger event.

One last note, this little Bike Show was held during the Lost in the Fifties weekend.  So, there were lots of gas guzzling cars roding around town...kinda of ironic...or something like that as I get those words confused.

The Bike Show was part of Sandpoint Bike sponsored by the Pend Oreille Pedalers, which concluded on Saturday, May 19, 2012.  Thanks to ALL that participated!

2012 Ride of Silence

So, I've laminated the fact that I really like participating in the Ride of Silence.  Jim does a great job of organizing this event.  I was in a rush heading to the City Beach and forgot my camera.  Did get one shitty pic with my camera phone, but not even worth posting.

No worries, as I counted 50 people assembled for the ride.  Jim gave his speech and the ladies Team Laughing Dog racers lead us out on our route.  I noticed a lot more red arm bands (meaning rider was hit by a car at some point in their life) than previous years.  I was happy to be sporting my black arm band (never been hit).  The group looked awesome rolling through town.

However, town is about as far as I got as my %#$@ tire blew.  I rolled back on my flat from the golf course to The Loading Dock to hang with Doug and Jeff.

Everyone reported a great ride with no it should be.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Sandpoint Bike Week 2012

It's HERE...Sandpoint Bike Week 2012.  There are some new additions this year and some really fun stuff happening.  Everyone should be able to find at least one thing they are interested in doing.  For full details on events visit the POP website

One cool new event this year is a Classic/Unique Bike Show...

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

What's open

What trails are open (meaning free of snow, significant mud and down trees)?  Here is what I know...and there may be others that are "rideable" but for obvious reasons they are not "open" yet.  Most trails in CDA and Spokane are now open as well.

  • Brush Lake Trail
  • Trail #3, Gravel Pit and Connector Trail
  • Mineral Point, Lost Lake and Mud Lake Trail System
  • Syringa Trail System
  • Farragut State Park
Probably the next to open...Bead Lake Trail and the Cowboy Trail.  Stay tuned...
popular this time of year

Monday, May 7, 2012

Brush Lake Trail #377 is Open

Rode Brush Lake Trail #377 and it is all good (see earlier post for full review of trail).  Someone recently went though and cut out some down trees.  There are a couple muddy sections and one spot by the road that is flooded, but for the most part the trail is in great condition.

If you start at the campground, you will notice the creek is a little high for crossing.  It can be done, but prepare for a wet foot. 

Shadow didn't mind the creek level

campground trailhead with creek below

I like to ride this trail in both direction when I go.  It feels so different depending on the direction.  Going both ways will give you a total of 12.5 miles for the day.
little flooding but easy to get around

Be sure and hit some of the challenges and stunts along the edge of the trail.  In combination with the massive rocks and small rock gardens, this trail can be a little more challenging than you might expect.

When you finish you can have lunch at the creek or down by the lake.

Because of Brush Lake's lower elevation, it make for a great early season ride.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Standup for Autism Comedy Show

Here is a great bike related event.  Help support our Sandpoint ladies and their quest to Race Across America to raise money and awareness for autism.  I went to the comedy show last year and it was great.  If you don't laugh then something is wrong with you.  Tickets are still available.

And if you need more reasons than supporting bikers and having some about beer from Laughing Dog and wine from Pend d'Oreille Winery?  Still not enough?  How about a raffle for some sweet prizes which includes this bike from New Belgium

Thursday, May 3, 2012


I will admit that I haven't been keeping up on this blog.  It doesn't mean I haven't been riding and dreaming about bikes, but the time to write always seems to escape me.  Then today I glanced at the stats for Brian's Bike Buzz and about fell out my chair!  Here are a couple notes of what has happened since I started this little blog:
  • Over 10,000 hits
  • 70 posts
  • Hits from 10 different countries...most were probably lost (especially the guy from the Ukraine) but still probably got a glance
  • 22 months of blogging
I realize that these are not staggering numbers to a lot of bloggers out there, but meaningful to me as I never really thought people would read my bike ramblings.  Writing has never come easy to me, it is more like pulling a sliver out of your hand.  It takes time, it kinda hurts, I don't really enjoy it much BUT it sure feels good when I'm done.

Thanks to all my followers and I will try and keep up on my blogging in the future.