Sunday, June 24, 2012

Moab Recap Part 1

I'm more than a little tardy getting this post out.  I had the opportunity to go to Moab this past Spring with some friends.  Most of them had been to Moab before (some several times) and I had never been.  I rearranged my work schedule, thanks to all the crew at the shop for covering for me, and was more than excited to head South to ride.

Now when you've been mountain biking as long as I have, you have heard all about Moab.  The tales make it sound like some sort of mountain biking heaven, and at time too good to be true.  I'll admit that I often dismiss many of people's claims about how great Moab is/was.  I've been blessed to ride on some great much better could riding in Moab really be?

Rather than build suspense, I'll just say Moab is all you hear and more.  If I had to sum it up in a word, it would be "unique."  It really is a different place and something that at times can be hard to describe to someone that hasn't been there.  

We arrived in Moab at 3pm, threw out our gear at the campground and headed right out for an evening ride at Slickrock.  Possible the most famous trail in Moab, it lives up to its name with lots guessed it...slickrock.  Amazing stuff that gives you unearthly traction and the ability to ride up walls.  All you gotta do is keep the wheels turning. 

getting ready for Slickrock

this really is stepper than it looks

Day 2 was Amasa Back, a very challenging technical jeep trail that takes you to a plateau overlook of the river.  This was a day filled with riding a lot of rock.  A very different rock from the slickrock from the day before.  It was a fun to pick your way through, over, around and down some huge rock formations.

everyone shares the trails

amazingly we beat the jeeps to the top...and they started first

On the way down, some of us opted for Thompson's Trail.  This was a rugged, technical treat that featured a fair amount of hiking along with some super sweet sections of riding.  More great views were also available although I could really look as I didn't wanna be a causality.  Yes, there is a big drop...stay focused.

We capped off the day by hiking into Delicate Arch to watch the sunset.  We weren't alone as many go to this famous place to watch the sun set and try to snap that perfect pic.  Our group doesn't believe in doing anything small, so we packed in beer and a birthday cake (yes, you read that right).

my award winning sunset shot, ha ha

even candles??
It was an awesome end to the day and I was more than ready for bed.  More to come...

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Syringa Hazard

Riding up at Syringa today, I finally snapped a pic of the new fence over the trail.  For those unfamiliar, this on the trail that takes you to the Dover overlook.  You can see the river in the distance (well kinda, as usual my camera let me down).  In the daylight this barbwire fence is fairly visible, but if you are riding at dusk or night riding it would not be.  It has 2 small pieces of blue ribbon hanging on it.  So, this is a HEADS UP.

I plan to take some bright ribbon next time, as the State did a piss poor job of marking it for trail users.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

5th Annual "Roundabout Downhill" Cruiser Bike Ride

Here is an awesome event you DON'T wanna miss!  Get your cruiser bike, or whatever your flavor, ready for the downhill and a day of fun with fellow bikers in Sandpoint.  See you there...