Thursday, September 27, 2012

Ruby Ridge Trail

Damn I love these high alpine rides!  Especially when you start the ride at an already high elevation, Ruby Ridge.  I can hear you asking yourself "isn't that where those maniacs"...let me just cut you off and say "No, different Ruby Ridge."  Look one way and its views of Montana.  Look the other and its Idaho.  Peer North and its into Canada.

Trail starts a little overgrown, rugged and technical as you make your way across the ridge.  Watch out for the Moose hanging out in the brush!

You will be rewarded for your efforts as things start to open up with several meadow crossings.  Huck bushes are everywhere, but fruit was minimal.  Too late in the season for hucks, but the colors are starting to change which makes for some amazing scenery.

The best part of this tail is the few miles of sidehill that look like a special corridor was cut through the woods.  Bear grass abounds and tickles your legs as you fly down this very buff section.
The ride ends with a bone jarring, loose and technical downhill that will leave you smiling...and trying to unclinch your hands from the handlebars.  Where are the cold beers?

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Danquist Trail

Ahh, another high elevation ride.  Only issue with this trail is how to get up to it.  Good luck, as there really is no easy option...but if you happen to make it you will be rewarded.

Thanks the the BFFS for some sweet new bridges over an area that seemed to always be wet and muddy.

No 4-wheelers, but motorcycles are welcome and they do frequent this trail.  Evidence of their recent outings are obvious.

Classic opening on the trail that gives you a clear view of "where you're going."
Lots of good views...and lots of lingering smoke.

Damn, my hands hurt after that descent!

Friday, September 14, 2012

Pee Wee Trail System

I like Pee Wee for a few reasons.  One, it is a challenge!  It is all rideable, but clearing the climb to the top is...well, I have yet to do it.  But I keep trying every year.  Secondly, there are a couple spots were you get some amazing views of the valley below.  

This trail was done in a collaboration between the FS and the Backcountry Horsemen.  So, you might see some four legged friends and you will defiantly have to navigate some horse shit (just adds to the technicality of the trail).

 No this isn't "out of focus" it is just very smokey.  Maybe that's why I couldn't clear the climb?!

 Classic loop where you get to see your car waiting for you down below.  Ahh, cold LDs waiting in the cooler...

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

2012 24 Hours for Hank

Below are some pics from the the 24 Hours for Hank race last weekend.  Since it's inception, I've been lending my support to this event.  It is a great cause and an awesome biking event to have in our community.  If you don't know about it, check it out (

Greasy Fingers provided mechanical support.  Thanks to my buddy Kirk for coming out to lend a hand through the wee hours.  No major bike issues!

 Umm, somehow I got conned into preparing race drink in between bikes...

 A little after race celebration.  Congrats to Jacob (top individual) and Team Laughing Dog (top 4 person team).

 Chuy raised almost 20K for the cause and received a new Giant bike for all his efforts.  Nice work!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Deer Ridge Trail

More downhill fun!  Start with a creek crossing, then make a grueling climb up to the ridge on very narrow singletrack.

A climb made all the more challenging as motorcycles have once again tilled up the switchbacks.  Steep and loose make for a real challenge.  Scott if you are reading this...can you go kick off some of those rocks?!  I might have walked...
Make a pit stop at the lookout (you can rent this for the night by the way).

Once you leave the LO, it's a trek across the ridge and then a super sweet downhill to the valley.  Just don't take your eyes of the trail as there is a lot of exposure and the margin for error is very, very slim.  And that is why you will find some new, wider tread courtesy of the BFFS.  Once done, this whole downhill should be widened with better tread.  In the meantime, watch out for their machine parked in the middle of the trail.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Mission/Harvey Mtn Trail

This was almost a "gravity" weekend.  Not a lot of climbing and lots of super fun downhill.  First up, Mission/Harvey.  The views from Mission are always amazing.  Looking North you can see the International border and clear into Canada.  

Once you leave the peak, it some beautiful sidehill sections through wide open meadows.  Its hard to keep your eyes on the trail.
I little side trip will get you the the border.  The clearcut through the wilderness is an amazing sight.
Ahh, but so are the plethora of Huck bushes.  Yum!
The day was only hampered but the recent motorcycle activity on the trail.  The trail has been tilled up and there are many rocks (some the size of footballs) laying about the trail.  That combined with the rutted switchbacks were a bit disappointing.