Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Fat Biking Hanna

On location at Hanna Flats up at Priest.  For those in the know, and by "know" I mean snowmachine heads, they love this area for the 400 miles of groomed trails.  Yes 400.  Well, as  I have already established, fat bikes love to gobble up miles, upon miles of groomed snowmobile trails.

 Not all the trails were freshly groomed and therefore rosy.  Still awesome to ride on, just a little more work and a little slower...but that could just be the motor on my fat bike.  They do have a grooming report for these trails, but they have not started to update in online yet.  Hopefully they will start soon, as it will be a must to check.

 Great day of riding!  Got Annie out for the first time, she loved it.  Ice cold barley hops waiting in the bed is always a treat.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Hello? Anyone out there?

I assume this interweb thing is still working along with everything else in the world.  On this "day after" the End of the World, I'm trying to recount what I thought was my final hours.
where are the zombies? (real gas mask, NOT a real gun)
Several brave souls met at Loading Dock for our End of the World Ride.  Jeff hooked us up with some beers and then we were on our way to Larson's for some Coors minis and last minute supplies.  I shopped...charge it who cares I'll never see the bill.

The ride out to Laughing Dog was awesome, except for a few deep berms we had to carry out bikes through.  Sandpoint doesn't seem to understand that paths need to be cleared all the way to the roads and highways.

Anyhow, things at Laughing Dog were as promised.  Fred had some awesome beers he pulled from his private reserve and they were damn tasty.  We partied it up like it was 1999, Y2K and oh, the End of the World.

When I went to leave I thought it was weird Brittney gave me a bill for my beers...why would we have to pay for beers on the last day of the world?  I gave her my credit card.  Yeah, I got the last laugh cause I thought I'd never see that statement.

celebs in the house

yes, that dog house will fit a human

the brewmaster himself

Then this morning I woke up.  Yes, the sun rose and hit my blood shot eyes and nothing had changed.  We all survived the End of the World, although after all those 14 Dogs of the Apocalypse, I was kinda wishing otherwise.  And where is my credit card?

Friday, December 21, 2012

Dogs Love Fat Biking

Fat bikes are fun.  Dogs, like people, like fun.  Therefore, dogs love fat biking.

Shadow and I went for some fun fat bike riding up the Pack.  Even on snow she loves the pace over hiking, more her speed I guess.  Also, the various creeks are nice bonuses for her to take a dip and get a cool drink...I preferred a sip from the flask...but to each his own.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Fat Biking the Pack

Headed up Pack River for some Fat Biking.  Although the snowmobiles are out and about, the trails are not being groomed yet.  Not to worry, there was enough traffic to pack the snow for us to ride on.  It's a steady 4 mile climb up to the bridge, where pics are a necessity.  Once rested and refueled it's a bomber run back to the rig!

the master at work

does this guy ever quite working?

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Ride to the End of the World Details

The world is ending, let's ride!!

When: Last Day of the World (also known as Fri, Dec 21st @ 5:30pm)
Where: Loading Dock
Why: Stupid question...

So we will meet, then take a short cruise over to Larson's for Men's Night (free beer and last minute survival items) and then head out to Laughing Dog Brewing who happens to be having an End of Days Party.  Here we'll muse over bikes and the good times we've had riding them...all while sampling some damn good beer, award winning beer, and in this case some "special" beers just for the occasion.  What kinda of special beers? To quote the brewmaster himself, "2-3 different years of Dogfather Imperial stout, the regular 14 dogs Barley wine, a rare keg of St. Benny’s Barrel aged quad, and of course the 14 Dogs of the Apocalypse (an oak aged version of the 14 dogs)."

You should bring a light, your loved ones, helmet, gas mask, lock, zombie killers, etc.

And if you happen to wake up Saturday and the world hasn't ended, you will have had a good time nonetheless...although you might be wishing the world HAD actually ended depending on how many Dogfathers you consumed.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Ride to the End of the World?

Fiscal Cliff.  Zombie invasion.  Solar Maximum.  End of the Maya Calendar.  Apocalypse.

It looks like the End of the World as we know it is happening December 21, 2012.  What better way to go out then riding bikes, hanging with friends and oh, drinking some award winning Laughing Dog????

Stay tuned for details on this Ride to the End of the World Event...

Friday, December 7, 2012

Creeks and Fat Bikes

What does a little warm weather followed by nice fresh snow get ya?  Some damn fine fat biking!  Water running down the hillside creates creeks, and then them there creeks must be hopped, jumped, floated, splashed through or if your lame, just ridden through.

Awesome ride, cut short by an errant kick...


Monday, December 3, 2012

Watch my Balancing Bike

Yeah, sometimes I like to get a little creative out there on the trail.  Case in point: little trickery with the bike and then a little trickery with me camera...

Syringa is still good, so go ride.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Global Fat Bike Day +1

OK, to be honest I didn't fat bike yesterday (although I did a loop through Syringa...if that counts), the Global Fat Bike Day.  The weather was, well shitty.  Not just shitty, but wet, rainy and darn right miserable to 5K'.  So, we here in the ID Panhandle celebrated Global Fat Bike Day +1 today.

Although conditions were not ideal, they were much better than yesterday.  To Schweitzer we headed.  The ride started rough as what was normally a groomed trail, was not.  We forged on.  10 min later we encountered an employee riding around on some sort of jacked up 4-wheeler with massive tracks.  A blessed sight as that slight pack in the snow was all we needed to forge on down the trail.

With a track set, riding was great.  Good ride, good friends and recap with barley pops at Pucci's...what could make a better Global Fat Bike Day?