Monday, April 22, 2013

ChaFe 150

Looking for an awesome ride to do this summer?  If you haven't heard of the ChaFe 150, take a look.  80 and 150 mile options.  Fully supported with lots of rest stops and a great after party.  This is one of the only 150 mile rides where you could actually gain some weight.  Amazing scenery and new this year, a later ride date of July (versus June in previous years).  No excuses.

Best of all?  Money goes to support the Sandpoint Rotary Club.

Oh, and here's to hoping you see me along the course not for a mechanical, but just to say "Hi."

Friday, April 5, 2013

25 Miles at Riverside

If Beacon is like Syringa on steroids, than Riverside is like Beacon on kryptonite...or something like that.  It is big.  There is lots of riding.  It is a relatively short drive.  And best of all, it is rideable for much of the year.

Anywho, I'm sure most people have ridden there before.  Yes, there are lots of views and the river running through it ain't bad either.  But have you done the 25 Mile Perimeter Trail?  No.  Why?  Oh, cause a section of the 25 Mile Trail goes through the equestrian section of the park and that is closed to mountain bikes.  That's lame.  Now, I would never condone riding in a closed area.  Although I'm not quite sure how they intend you to cover 25 miles if not by mountain bike or horse or motorcycle.  Oh, maybe it's hiking.  That is lame too.

My point is, you can do most of this trail on your bike, legally, and avoid these closed areas.  Get a map.  If you do, you will be rewarded.  You will see sections of the park that most never have.  You will ride in areas and forget that you are even in Riverside anymore.  You will see all kinds of terrain: sand dunes, plateaus, double-track, rocky descents, flowy single-track, rocky ascents, Vietnam like river get it.

Now go do it.  My camera batteries died, but here are a couple pics...

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Beacon Hill Road Trip

Most of our trails in Sandpoint proper aren't really ready to ride yet.  But a little drive South, and you can find miles of trails that are snow free...and lacking mud.  Case in point, Beacon Hill in Spokane.

Like Syringa, but not in many areas, the trails are all built on private property by the local bike club.  It is a   trail system and hence not like riding out in the woods.  However, the trails are very, very varied.  There really is a trail for everyone here: xc, downhill, freeride and a skills park.  I recommend getting a map from one of the local bike shops.

Go explore for an afternoon.  I recommend the Rabbit Hole Trail...

banked turns calor


good views

and things to remind you of home

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Trails Update

I know you all come to the interweb for cutting edge info.  I deliver biking info of sorts.  Sometimes it may be cutting edge and prompt.  If it is, consider it haphazard.

With that, an update on local trails that are open: Syringa, Farragut and Gravel Pit Area.  If an ya wanna drive a bit, add Riverside, Beacon Hill and Canfield to the list.

More to come!