Monday, August 26, 2013

Trapper Creek Ride Recap

OK, so let me bring you up to speed here.  The Trapper Creek Trail got hit with a major wind event 3 winters ago.  Lots of trees down and the trail was impassible.  Then the next winter, more trees got dumped on it.  This is a remote trail and on State land, hence it didn't get cleared.  I was sad.  Miraculously, after 2 and a half seasons of not being able to ride this trail, it is once again clear!  That is all the detail I will give you.

Now Trapper Creek is on my list of the top 5 trails to ride in our area.  Really?!  Really.  Maybe I will do a post someday and tell you about that list or maybe not as I don't like to divulge too much personal information.  Let's just say Trapper is a great trail with a good variety of terrain and scenery.  It is challenging but rideable.  It is beautiful.  It takes you through some very old growth that seems like a rainforest.  Are you interested yet?

nice creek crossing

Trapper Creek has not been quite restored, we were off our bike half a dozen times for trees that went down right along the trail and their massive root balls left little area for a re-route.  These were all along the lakeside section of the trail below the campground.  No biggie.
 I know last week I told you to grab some friends and go ride American Falls.  Well I hope you did, cause now I'm gonna tell you that you should go ride Trapper Creek.  This trail is part of the Priest Lake Challenge.  Oh, did I mention that that will be happening again this year...
beards are good for catching stuff...

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

American Falls Ride Recap

The American Falls Trail is in awesome shape, maybe the best I have ever seen.  This trail is bad ass.  And the Falls at the end aren't bad either.  It's kinda a long day if you factor in a 2 hour drive from Sandpoint, but trust me worth it.
You'll see old growth, a dense canopy cover, a waterfall (duh), tall ferns, moss, many bridges, many, many rocks, a river, a couple creek crossings and maybe a snake.

just a couple down trees

In summary, go grabs some buds and a cooler with some beers and go hit this trail this weekend.  I'm not kidding, send them a sext, email or go old school and call them now to make plans.
Shadow found out her buddy Frank at Nordman had recently gotten hit by a car.  In her typical fashion she got over it quick when some ladies wanted to scratch her belly...oh a dogs life.

Monday, August 19, 2013

2013 Schweitzer Hill Climb Recap

There were several blazing times for this years Conquer Schweitzer Hill Climb.  I took a few pics, if ya wanna know results then google them...

Now this here pic I normally wouldn't include cause it has my big fat finger in it.  But if you look closely you will see a 10yo boy on a 24" mountain bike who did the hill climb with his dad (next to him).  See all those riders behind him?  Those were the top finishers who went back down the hill to ride the last leg of the climb with him.  What's your excuse for not riding?  Now go dry your eyes.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

2013 Schweitzer Hill Climb

After a brief hiatus, the Schweitzer Hill Climb is back.  Ken over at Selkirk Powder has taken the lead and has been promoting the event all over the Pacific NW and S Canada.  Could be a good turn out.  Either way, good ride with fun after party.  Visit Selkirk Powder for more details.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Summer Training Rides

This is my busy time.  Therefore, I don't get to do much riding.  The riding I do get to do I don't consider very "exciting."  Hence, there has not been much written here lately.

I hate riding the same trails over and over again.  I like variety.  Lucky for me, we have a lot of trails around here.  So many trails I can easily go a season without duplicating or even riding the whole list for that matter.  However, most of these trails are a bit of a drive and are relatively long rides.  They are all day affairs.

My busy time dies around Labor Day.  It is then that I REALLY get to start my riding season.  Which really works best for me as I love the Fall.  During the Fall I get to go ride all the epic, all-day, high alpine singletrack that fills my dreams during the rest of the year.  I live for these challenging rides out in the wilderness away from everyone else.  But until then, I drudge away at the same old trails close to town.  Each time I go out I get a little more bored with the same choices, but try and challenge myself and build endurance and work on techniques for the adventures coming soon.  These training rides will prepare me for the dreamy Fall rides that await.

Some views to fill your mind.