Monday, September 30, 2013

My Pack...My Way

OK, since writing about forgetting my pack and how important it is to me, I have gotten a lot of questions.  Like, "What's in your pack?" Or, "I've done stupid shit like that too...blah, blah."  Actually, I don't really remember the exact questions.  Now, I normally consider my pack somewhat sacred and haven't really felt the need to share details.  However, the people have spoken and I'm here to try and help.

First, this is my pack and packed my way.  It has evolved over time as I encounter issues and feel I should have had such and such.  Or just think of something new.  I see other riders pack way less and other riders that pack way more.  I have been fortunate enough that I have not had to use many of the items in my pack.  However, I have used many of them to help out fellow riders.  This is not the BIBLE of packing, merely my way.  Got that?  Good.

My pack is heavy, that is what happens when you load it up.  My pack always goes with me regardless of where I am going to ride or how long the ride may be.  Very few of the contents change.  It is always filled with 3 liters of water.
So, here is what it looks like with my pack emptied...except for water bladder.  I usually carry a map and/or gps.  I always carry a camera.  I usually carry a light jacket.  Individual bag contents below...
Food bag...not really Crown Royal.  Variety is key for me, so I carry a lot of different items to cater to my cravings.  I always have M&Ms.
Bike First Aid Bag.  In case you need glasses: 2 CO2 cartridges, bottle of Stan's, multi-tool, hanger, valve core tool, duck tape, patch kit, tire boot, tire levers, tube, batteries, emergency spoke and a bag of odds and ends (chainring bolts, cleat bolts, cleat, master links, nipples,4-6mm bolts).
Human First Aid Bag.  Again for the vision impaired: scissors, TP, tender, fire starter, fishing line, hooks, wire, whistle, tape, emergency bivvy, Hot Hands, Mag Light, anti bac wipes, nylon string, zip ties (maybe should be in Bike First Aid), Ace wrap and bag of odds and ends (Motrin, assorted band aids, gauze, alcohol, blade, Imodium A-D and Benadryl).
That's it.  I guess sharing wasn't so hard.  Ride, have fun and be prepared...or don't it's up to you.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Forgot my Pack

I did an awesome little ride this weekend.  It was a trail I hadn't ridden before...well actually 2 trails.  However, I forgot my pack which among many other things contained my camera.

Now, this may not seem like too big a deal to some.  But, I never (and when I say never I mean I cannot remember the last time before this) go mountain biking without my pack.  It contains many things which I have never had to use, but always feel I am prepared in case something does.  Although this ride was fun, I felt oddly vulnerable and out of sorts.

I know you all like pics and I don't want you to feel jipped, so...

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Kalispell-Reeder Bay & Woodrat Trail

So, couple things.  Pictures have been kinda sucking lately.  Quality not quite to my subpar form.  I asked an expert.  He recommended doing a good cleaning of my camera lense.  Damn, he is good...and right.  Anyways, these here shots are the last of the pics before said cleaning and better sub par pics in the future.

These trails are in great shape, only 2 trees down between the 2 rides.  Kalispell-Reeder Bay has one of my favorite sections of trail all time.  Well placed, challenging rocks make for a really fun ride.  There is a route through all of them rocks.  Mix in some climbs and it is short but sweet ride.  Or continue on down road to Woodrat for longer ride.

Now I've always liked and ridden Woodrat even though it has been used by motorcycle extensively.  I don't really pay that much mind, as their destruction just adds another challenge and uniqueness not found on non-motorized trails.  In the end it is all just riding and that is good.  However, there are some new sign on the trail this year.  Hellz ya!  I would say trail is already in better condition than I have seen in the past.
Expect a good amount of climbing, couple sweet viewing areas and many intersections.  Yes, you can get lost.  Yes, you should pay attention.
One last thing, I am starting my own movement to rename this trail to Hood Rat.  That is how I will refer to it from now on.  If you don't know why, don't just sit there scratching your head.  Go ride.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Life and Bikes

So, some dude is getting married.  This creates a rare excuse for the guys to get together for an evening.

It starts with a road trip and then (in no particular order) beer, bike ride, lake, cabin, shots, secret trail, Go Pro dinner, bonfire, poker, night ride, Too Short, Korner trials, fire jumping, sleeping, coffee and a long drive home.  Enjoy life.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Lakeshore/Plowboy Mtn Trails Report

You all know I love riding at Priest.  Lakeshore Trail is one of the good ones.  It now features some new bridges, many address old mud pits and wet areas that never seemed to go away.  Very nice additions.
However, there are a few down trees.  And there are still some very muddy areas.  Even with all the warm weather and it being the end of summer, they are still there.  The water just leaches out of the side of the hill.  Not a big deal though and definitely not a deterrent.

A little selfie before the the shitty up and over.  Major wind event caused lots of blow downs..often in piles...making this ride even less awesome.

The views at the top are great.  I'll give ya that.  The old lookout foundation is cool.  I'll give ya that.  But it still does not make this trail worth the ride/push up and the switchbacks on the downhill are less than conducive for a flowing downhill.  I've ridden this trail both ways now.  Both ways suck.  All in all, I would say don't ride this trail.  I hesitate to even mention this trail, as for every trail I write and tell you about there is another that I have pushed/hiked/cussed/ridden and NOT ever written anything about.  These trails don't even belong on any list associated with bikes.  You're welcome for me saving you time.  Now go ride.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Camping and Brush Lake Ride Report

Camping, fire and cold brews residing in the nearby creek.  What could be better?

Well, a bigger fire is always better.  Wood placement is key however.

Then wake up and go ride.  This morning it was Brush Lake on our way back home.  Trail is in good condition, but seems awful bumpy.  Not that that really makes much of a difference.  The features are always fun and the new bypass trail adds more rocks which I love.  Remember to ride both directions.  

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Bussard Mtn Trail/Sidehill Trail Ride Report

Going to camp out by the Moyie for the weekend and ride some of my favorite areas for the holiday weekend, excited?  Yes.

First up, little ride/push up Bussard Mtn Trail.  Stupid start.  Not a recommended direction.  Still got some killer views.  Sweated out some of the previous night's festivities.
Once we intersected Sidehill, we headed North for our big loop.  First time in about 10 rides I've gone this direction.  South is better.  Trail is in great shape though and still some water in many of the creek crossings.  Even found some hucks.

No matter what it was still fun and good peeps to ride with...oh speaking of them.  There aren't a lot of pics cause I was too busy trying to catch my breath and keep pace...neither happened.

ummm...not sure what is happening here