Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Hanna Flats Fat Bike Report

Road trip to Priest Lake for weekend of fat biking.  First up, hit Nordman Store for current Winter Rec Trails Map and Idaho Park N' Ski Pass.  Oh, and a sixer of cold ones for after the ride.  Now you will definitely want the trails map if visiting Priest in the winter, there are over 400 miles of snowmobile trails and something like 80 miles of XC trails.  You will need the Park Pass to park at many of the XC trailheads, that money goes to grooming.  Grooming is good.  OK, now that the administrative things are done, on to riding...

First, we hit up Hanna Flats.  It is one of the Park N' Ski areas.  Although there was some patchy snow and ice, not near enough for them to start grooming yet.  This is a great little area with around 8 miles of trails and all well marked.  We saw some mushrooms, a moose bed, a scratching tree and a rabbit.  We hit almost all the trails in the network (there are maps at the trailhead at North end of airstip).  It was great, but can't wait for more snow to hit it up again.  Tomorrow we head higher up for more snow...

Friday, November 22, 2013

What's with...?

I work on bikes.  Often my conversations involve bikes.  Lately, I hear a lot of the following:

"What's with these 29ers?"
"Why ride a 1x11 speed?"
"How about these new 27.5 or 650b bikes coming out?"
"Should I have a 1x1, 1x10, 2x10, 3x9, 1x11 drivetrain?"
"Steel frame bikes, they still make those?"
"Aren't those fat tires hard to pedal?"

It is a beautiful time we live in.  There are many, many choices in bike set ups.  I have been blessed to have the opportunity to ride a lot of these different bikes.  Some work great and others don't really live up to the hype.  Some work great for our area and others work better in some other areas...I'm guessing.

The bottom line, RIDE YOUR BIKE.  It's fun to chat about all these wheel size, frame make ups and drivetrain debates (especially over after ride beers), but in the end no matter what you ride it should be fun.  Bikes are fun.  So, don't believe the hype (thank you PE).

Here is a little something to shake up the biking "norms" in your little geared head...

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Trout Creek Refuge Ride Report

Fun is contagious.  Fat Bikes are fun.  Therefore, it is only a matter of time until you have some fat bike fun.  Looks like we might have another fat biker in the fold.

Schweitzer was buried, and I mean literally, so we headed over to Trout Creek to spin around the numerous trails in that system.  This place is cool in the summer, but it takes on a uber cool feel in the winter.

We rode a bridge.  We looked at the rumbling creek and the forming ice.  We watched for wildlife and took in all the special "homes" that have been set up for animals to stay.  We took in spectacular views of the mountains covered in snow.  We took a break by the river bend and watched Shadow swim.  We looked at crumbling cabins.  Then, we rode back to the truck.  All the while we smiled.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Best Fat Bike Practices

IMBA has come up with some great suggestions and guidelines for fat bikers, a great effort to help relations between trail users.  Read on...

Fat Bike Best Practices | International Mountain Bicycling Association

Friday, November 8, 2013

Night Fat

Days are short.  Nights are long.  All this dark and fresh snow makes for great night riding.  Pack some refreshments and hit the trails.  This is how it will be for a while now and I must say that I am happy about that.  Bring it on winter!

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

'13 Veteran's Day Cruiser Ride

4th (Somewhat) Annual Veteran's Day Cruiser Bike Ride!!

Who:  Anyone with a bike
What:  Ride bikes and drink barley grenades
Where:  Meet at Sandpoint Marina Parking Lot
When: Mon, Nov 11th @ 6pm
Why: (1) cause we are FREE and we can and (2) pay a little homage to those that have served

We'll meet, cruise the Sagle Bike Path to the end (that's 14 miles RT so start training now if need be) and end at MickDuff's to refuel and tell wars stories...it also happens to be MNF.  For those of you needing some pre-ride tips, bring some lights and a helmet as there may be insurgence.

See you there!

Monday, November 4, 2013

And so it Begins...Fat Bikes and Snow

Fresh 4 inches at Schweitzer and that calls for a recon mission.  Snow was surprising light and fluffy.  Packed perfect under the tires and traction was great.  Super fun ride, great to be back riding on the snow.

Shadow loves fat biking in the snow, exactly her speed...which means I am slow.