Friday, January 24, 2014

Groundhog Day Fat Bike Festival #2

Looking for a fat bike event?  Might wanna think about heading down to St. Maries for this one.  You can drink margaritas and watch the big game afterwards.  And well, if you haven't been to St.Maries before, you are in for a treat...

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Riding the Methow Sequel

Road trippin!  Back to Winthrop to Fat Bike the Methow.  Last year was a blast, if you missed my recount read here.  Ok, so once there it is mandatory to check in at Old Schoolhouse Brewery to get your bearing, shake off the road dust and get a vibe of the town.  Then I would recommend swinging by and chatting with the guys at Methow Cycle and Sport for tails conditions and where to might also see something cool ya need.  Did you really just read all 3 of those links?

So, we had views like this out the back door of our cabin and while sitting in the hot tube.  Neato.

First, we rode Pearrygin Lake State Park (again) and it was a blast.  Little less snow this year and a little warmer.  Trails were great though and we rode a loop that went all the way to the golf course at the other end of park.  There we rehydrated, that is important when riding in the cold.  We also hit the lake, which was a bit slushy and melting.  I would say you should avoid riding on ice like that, but then again no one got wet.  I figure those fat tires displaced the weight least that's what I was told.

That was all day 1.5, then we went and rode up by Mazama.  Oh, did I mention the tallest, most layer ridden nachos that were consumed while the Seahawks kicked ass?  Oh, and there was a night ride and a lap on the ice rink.  For some reason my chronology is a bit off for this weekend.

Anyway, the Big Valley Trail system we rode our last day was much different than Pearrygin.  Flatter terrain with several intersections (be sure and make the right choices) all on a wildlife preserve.  Didn't see any animals, but did have fun tearing up the 5 miles of windy trails.  Think Fat Bike singletrack as packed riding surface is about 18" wide, and if you go off trail in the unpacked you are gonna be sorry.

One last note, the Fat Bike trails on the MVSTA map last year were shared with skiers.  It was experiential.  That was fine, but not ideal.  Experiment went great and this year they opened up even more trails to fat Bikes.  Also, this year all Fat Bike trails were either dedicated Fat Bike or shared with snowshoers.  This is awesome and makes for a much funner riding experience.  The trails and riding feel much more similar to mountain biking in the summer.

I liken this place to an adult playground.  There is a ton of opportunities for fun.  Go.  Now.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Cougar Gulch Fat Bike Race

This is the second, in a series of possibly 3, at Schweitzer Mountain.  The Great Scott Race (first race) on December 29th was a huge success!!  Fat Bike racers outnumbered all other race categories (skate, classic or snowshoe).  The organizers at Schweitzer we blown away by the participation...and lap times.  Fat Bike laps were faster than skate skiers, according to them.

Anyhow, please come support the next race, so we can see Fat Bike events like these continue and grow...