Monday, June 9, 2014

Bead Lake Ride Report

Ahh, Bead Lake how I've missed you.  Bead Lake is a great trail to hit early season...and no this ride was NOT early season...because the snow melts off early and winters seems to be rather kind to the trail.  45min drive and you are there.
A couple things of note this year.  First, a big thanks to the backcountry horsemen for putting in some new bridges.  If my memory serves, there are 4 new bridges.  Below, Marty demonstrates a proper dismount off one of these said bridges.

The views are amazing,  Oh, but the second note I wanted to make was thanks to whoever brush whacked the trail on the back side of the lake.  Over the last few years it was getting overgrown.  Not now, the whole out and back is in primo shape.  Oh, and speaking of shape.  You might wanna be in some before you tackle the hill on the backside to the road.

A final note, there are a couple creek crossing which are fun.  There are several spots along the trail to get to the lake for a dip.  I would suggest taking advantage of those.  You see there really is no beach or other public access to the lake and the lady manning the boat area is, well, not gonna let you through to the lake unless you have a boat (weekends only).

Friday, June 6, 2014

Priest Lake Early Season Ride Report

It was someone's birthday.  We packed a bunch of beers, mini bikes, firewood, mountain bikes and headed up to Beaver Creek.  Weather while there was much like Spring, sun one minute and then a little rain the next.  Nothing enough to deter fun being had though.

We arrived.  Then, after beer, fire and mini bike races...I got a 1st...we slept and then woke to fresh coffee and blue skies.

Up to Plowboy riding was fast and the trail was clear.  But soon after Plowboy, trees starting to appear on, over, through and every which way on the trail.  I figured this would be the case, so I brought my pack saw.

There were a few creek crossing, some featuring some slick logs.  Luckily, it was warm enough and wet feet didn't really matter.
So, by the time we had gotten to the end of Navigation, we had cleared some 12-14 trees.  By the time we got down the other side to Trapper Creek, the number had grown to 18ish...I started to lose count.  On the way back to Beaver Creek, I think I remember 5 or so trees remaining (they were too big or too tangled for us to clear).  Cutting trees, clearing logs and brush and then riding in between takes its toll.  6 hours of this repetition and I started feeling pretty gassed.  Nonetheless, it was a great day of riding, playing in the woods and being with friends.

As a final note, I rode Lakeshore the next day before returning to Sandpoint.  It is now clear as well.  So, go ride Priest Lake and enjoy the fruits of our labor!