Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Seattle Road Trip #2 - Skookum Flats Tr

So, we woke up for day 2 in Seattle feeling a bit foggy.  Our ears were still ringing from the Red Fang concert the day before.  We fueled on a couple pitchers of coffee and hit the road South East-ish of Seattle to ride another well documented trail, Skookum Flats.  Skookum is on IMBA's list of "Epic Rides."

If you have been following my bike ramblings, you know I have knocked off a few of the rides on this list.  I find this list rather random.  Although all the rides I have done on this supposed elite list of trails have been great rides, I often find myself comparing them to the trails back home in the Handle (which I often think are just as good).  Skookum is no different.  I found myself thinking a lot about American Falls.  I North Idaho classic.  And I must say, I think American Falls is a better ride.  But then again who really cares?  Both trails are top shelf.  It really is just splitting hairs as I profess that "ANY ride is a good ride."

Big timber, beautiful white river, awesome tread (mostly), tons of green moss...these are a few of the highlights of the Skookum Trail.  It was a fun 7ish miles of semi technical riding one way.  Who wouldn't like riding through a rain forest?

We planned to do a loop and take a different trail back to the car.  On the map, things all looked good.  However, the trail we intended to take back was in the Rainier National Park.  That means no bikes allowed.  No worries.  we rode Skookum back and it was just as fun going in the other direction.

Oh, and just in case you are wondering...no we did not have any sasquatch sightings...

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Seattle Road Trip #1 - Grand Ridge/Duthie Hill

Road tripping to Seattle for Red Fang.  Don't know em?  Check out this video for a glimpse as to how they rock...

Up to speed now?  Good.  So, whenever I hit the road I always try and work in some mountain biking.  Seattle has tons of sweet riding.  And lucky for me, one of my road tripping buddies grew up mountain biking in Seattle.  Things were really coming together.
First up, we rode Grand Ridge Trail which is a 7ish mile ride over to Duthie Mountain Bike Park.  Much has been written about these trails already, so I won't bore you with specifics.  If ya are planning a trip over though, google em.
Anyway, the trails are bitchin.  They have burmed turns and are really just a joy to pedal.  They were all built for mtn biking, by bikers, and it really shows.  After 4 hours of riding, we went back to our hole in the wall hotel and shit, showered and shaved.  We hit Red Fang and School Yard Heroes and the music was off the hook.  We shut down the little town of Seattle, N. Idaho style.  It was a perfect day.  Here are more pics...

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Growler Grabber

You like beer?  You like bikes?  Ever wonder how to carry your beer on your bike?  You will need one these Growler Grabbers.