Thursday, October 23, 2014

Things that Start with "B"

It was my birthday.  We had a plan to celebrate with bikes, beer, bonfire, etc.  As I sat and thought about the last year, I realized that I have often said that I really seem to like things that start with the letter "B."  Yes, that was as profound as I got.  I don't get all sentimental on my birthday.  I don't get down.  I don't dread being another year older.  I just look at it as another reason to get together with bros (see, another one) and have a bash (ok, I might be stretching things a bit).  We live in 7B.  So, I thought I should come up with a list of  my 7 favorite things that start with "B."

Bikes (2 wheeled and human powered only), beer (as in IPA hoppy goodness with lots of alcohol), brew (as in strong coffee with lots of caffeine), bros (the ones you enjoy the a fore mentioned B things with), babes (I only have one), boobs (she has 2, and this entry may be redundant) and bonfires (I mean BIG fires only).  And that is 7.

There was a mountain bike ride at Brush Lake, trees have been cleared and trail is all good.  Then there was a road tour up the West side of the Kootenai River out of BF with a side trip through the Wildlife Refuge.  Roads were clear and rideable as well.  Oh, so here are some pics from the awesome birthday weekend (thanks Jake for sharing some of yours).

morning view from campsite

i actually am really excited

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Priest Lake Biking Adventures

This has been one of the best Falls, weather wise, I can remember in a long time.  This means more riding days and more camping.  Off to Priest Lake.  One day of riding East Shore road up to Lion's Head.  Beautiful ride.  They are doing some logging, so there was a bit of heavy truck traffic.  I only wet my shorts a couple times.  This road is windy and narrow with no shoulder.  I would only recommend riding it on the off season (far less tourist/camper traffic).

Then, I rode Lakeshore.  Typically, this would not be significant.  However, this was the first mountain bike ride I've done since injuring myself.  16 miles on the dirt never felt so damn good.  Shoulder held up fine.  Little sore that evening, but I medicated it with a couple IPAs at Millie's.

Oh, and the trail was in awesome shape, but I was surprised to find the the "wet" area is still somewhat wet.  Super short little hike around, but would not usually be there this time of year.  Saw several riders on trail, but like I said, Fall has been good to us.  Go ride and stop reading shit on the internet...

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

I did a Road Ride

Remember my last entry?  I wrecked, got hurt and haven't been able to ride.  I started doing some road riding around then.  I have been off the bike for a few weeks, but things felt pretty good.  So, against my Dr. wishes, I thought I should do something a little more challenging.  So, I packed up bags, grabs some friends and went on a bike overnighter.

We drove to Cataldo and jumped on the Trail of the Coeur d'Alenes.  We rode to Wallace.  Along the way we took some needed "medical stops" to ease the shoulder.  Weather was great, trees were changing colors and made for some amazing Fall scenery.

 Oh, and what would a bike tour be without a little trail side grub?

Once in Wallace, we took in the local flavor.  We stayed the night.  Next morning we refueled and rode back to our car.  50 miles in all.  There are many options when riding this trail.  I would say you should do it.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

The Wreck and Writer's Block

A few weeks ago (31 days ago to be exact) I wrecked on my bike.  I separated my shoulder.  Hence no bike riding and certainly no mountain bike riding for a long while, that was the doctor's orders.  When I don't ride, I get a little cranky.  Some might say I have been more than a little cranky as of late.

Anyways, previous to my wreck, I had done a couple awesome mountain bike rides.  I took pics and intended to write ride recaps once I returned to civilization and gathered my thoughts.  Then the wreck.  I have sat down several times since then to write about those rides, yet nothing happens.  I stare at the screen for a while, get frustrated, and just decide to let it stew for a while and come back to it.  Yet, each time I sat to write, it was the same.  Now for the first couple weeks of my recovery, I couldn't really type.  Well, I could type, but with only one hand, my left.  But over the last few weeks, my right arm has come back into use, meaning 2 handed hunt and peck, so I can't really use that excuse anymore.

I seem to have some sort of writer's block.  So, here are some of the pics I took way back when I could mountain bike and I had that awesome weekend of riding.  There will be no ride recap though...

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

McNearney Park/Ponderay Pump Track

Some might not know we have a pump track and mtn bike skills area.  But we do.  It is in Ponderay, right behind the Animal Shelter (turn N. on McNearney Rd).  It was put in last year.

I went out there a couple months ago and was disappointed to see it was heavily over grown with weeds and was obviously not being used.  You could hardly make out there were actually trails from the road.  Damn shame.  So, a few of us went out there with weed whackers, rakes, shovels, beers and bikes.  After a couple fun "work" days spread over the following 2 weeks, we had the park whipped back into shape.  And then a weird thing happened...people started to show up and ride it and do work on their own.  I see people out there almost every day now and things are still looking good.

If you haven't been out there yet, go check it out.  You can ride any bike, trust me I have seen them all out there.  Here are some pics to entice you...