Monday, February 23, 2015

Mineral Point Ride Report

Last weekend, Fast Eddie and I, headed out to Minerial Point to check out the trails.  I cannot believe the mild winter we have been having, and trails are really starting to open up.  We left our sad fat bikes in the shop and took are regular old mountain bikes out for the inaugural ride of the season.

We dragged, chopped and/or cut out a total of 32 trees on the Minerial Point and Mud Lake Trails.  There are about 4 left that will need a chainsaw.  We stood at the head of Lost Lake Trail, and it looked bad.  We were running out of time, and steam, and decided to leave it for someone else.  We only addressed big stuff on the trails that you couldn't ride over.  Smaller trees and bigger branches we left.

Other than the blow downs, the trail was a good condition...especially for mid February.  There were a few muddy sections the typical areas.  With the long term forecast, those should be drying out soon.

 It was a great first day on dirt.  We cleared trail, drew blood, rode bikes, had post beers, wore shorts, rallied an RC car and took in some great views.  Needless to say, I slept good that night.  Go ride.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Updates to the Mountain Biking Trails/Conditions Page

It seems like I just got the Fat Biking Opportunities/Resources page up to date and now it looks like I need to start updating my Mountain Bike Trails Page.  Having grown up here, I don't remember a winter as mild as this one.  We are a good month ahead of schedule when it come to snow melt off on valley trails.  As I get out there and hear back from other reliable sources on trails, I will update conditions on the Mountain Biking Page.  If you are out riding, and wanna share some updates, feel free to shoot me an email.

Even though, what little snow we got is melting off quickly, trails are still very muddy.  Please respect the trails.  Also, we had some wind events, so expect trees until things get cut out...better yet, pack a saw with you.

Here is a gently reminder (see #2) from go ride.

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Fat Bike Poker Ride

Hey, yo.  There is a lot of fat bike fun going on this season.  Here is another. Grab your bike and your love...or maybe the other way around...and then head out to Western Pleasure Guest Ranch.  By the way, it happens to be a pretty cool place to stay the night, have dinner and maybe take a sleigh ride.