Friday, August 28, 2015

Ninja Trail Ride Report...and a Little More

OK, so I forgot my camera on my last ride up Schweitzer.  Therefore, I have no pics to share.  Some of you, who only come here to see my photographic awesomeness (I doubt there is anyone), will now leave.  For the rest of you still reading, I will attempt to use words to paint pictures in your mind.

I missed the 2pm Selkirk Rec Shuttle up to Schweitzer the other day, so I drove up, parked at switchback #4 and ducked in to ride up to the roundabout.  Plan was to ride the Selkirk Rec Trails.  I last rode these trails in the Spring.  And I was surprised to see there has been a lot of legit work on the Basin Trails this year!  Some "shady" trail features have been removed.  Some washed out areas have been fixed.  Some new bridges have emerged.  The trail is primo.  But the biggest improvement is the NEW section of XC trail that cuts out the long, loose skid road section of trail that you used to have to ride right below the roundabout.  Now, between switchback #6 and the roundabout is some sweet new trail with many switchbacks, nice flow and much more rideable grade.  Thanks Mike K for that!

Once I got to the roundabout, I rode up Sparky and then up Sidewinder.  That puts me on Blizzard Road, according to the sweat drenched map I was carrying.  I hung a left, headed up the road and soon I arrived at "The Highpoint Trail" aka The Ninja Trail.  It is not on the map, due to some circumstances at map making time, but it is a legit trail...and one of my favorite trails up there.  I rode up Ninja.  It pops out on some old roads for briefs moments, don't let them fool you.  You will know you are at the top of Ninja when you arrive at the new and under development Spires Complex.

As a side not, The Ninja Trail will be part of newly planned "Watershed Crest Trail."  wanna know more than that?  Not much more to tell, except it is in the works.  Stay tuned for work days next will take about 3 years to complete.  Until then, go check out all the Selkirk Rec Trails.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Cowboy Trail Ride Report

I've been kinda down on the Cowboy Trail the last couple years.  Bike traffic seems to have gone way down.  Horse traffic, on the other hand, has stayed the same and maybe increased a bit.  The horse peeps seem to cut out larger trees on the trail, and anything the horses cannot step over.  That however, leaves a lot of lower lying trees that bikes cannot get over.  Every year I go ride, I pack a saw, and clear out some of these low lyers (is that a word?).  It has been pretty obvious that bikers are not using it much.

The road down the reservoir has a nice new roadblock, I assume it is for motorized vehicles only.  Definitely worth the ride down there for the view.

Amazingly, the wet spots in the trail, are still wet given this super dry summer.  Note all the horse tracks.
The creek is way down at the end, meaning crossing over is no problem at all.  I turned and rode back and hit some of the spur trails.  After cutting some trees and moving some debris, the trail is in pretty good riding shape.  This system is a great ride when you have limited time.

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Micro Tour to the Mudhole

I haven't written a lot,
because I haven't ridden a lot.

Kinda like a rhyme.  The good news for you here, is that I don't just pen words for the hell of it.  I write biking things I think you might find informative and maybe entertaining.  The following may be both...or one of those...or neither of those.

Summers are busy at the shop.  Not much time to work in camping trips...or rides.  We decided we would just bring everything to work with us last Saturday, pack up our bikes as soon as we closed shop and hit the road.  The destination for the evening was the Mudhole Campground, just outside Priest River.  A mere 23 miles, had seemingly just enough short hills for trailing pulling and a nice wide shoulder.  Plan was made.

That is a Surly Ted Trailer. Not light, but it will haul a big load no problem..and fit on any bike.  I tried not to do the math, but Shadow weighs 70 lbs and the trailer is about 45 lbs.  And then there was my overnight gear.  I made all the hills, but almost fell over on one.
blood red moon

now you don't see that very often

this would work in a pinch for sure

We had a great night at the Mudhole.  The place is very well kept and clean.  We were out and back to town in 18 hours.  A mini adventure for sure, but well worth it.