Friday, December 11, 2015

Fall Riverside State Park Loop

Riverside State Park is a great place to hit early and late season.  It doesn't get as much snow as we get here in Sandpoint, and with it's slightly warmer temps, what snow it does get melts of sooner.  In the Fall, again temps tend to be warmer there and snow comes later.  Oh, and there are a hell of a lot less people during these off times.

We recently took a little road trip and did the 25 mile Perimeter Trail.  That is the actually name.  Get yourself a map at the Info Center, it is helpful.  The trails is pretty well marked, but it is always nice to track your progress and see where you have been.  I have done the 24 Hour Race and I have ridden a lot around the park.  The trails are all fun, but do tend to all feel similar.  When you do the 25 Mile Trail, you will see parts that you probably did not know existed.  You will also ride some trails and see some alternates that are very different from the trails in the heart of the park.  So, do yourself a favor and go check them out.

Oh, and one last word.  The perimeter trail has recently been re-routed along the backside.  I liked it before, as it went through some cool sand dunes.  Yes, sand dunes.  Not any more.  And so the 25 Mile Perimeter Trail is now more like 22.5 miles...but who's counting.

usually, you would have a better chance of seeing a Krampus than this guy in a picture