Thursday, March 24, 2016

Spring Came Early...Again

It is officially Spring now...however Spring came much earlier than the official date.  Much like last year, most of our low lying trails and those trails to the South of us were open for riding about 4 weeks ahead of average.  Open meaning free of snow, ice, trees, mud (mostly) and in good riding condition.

With all this in mind, I have updated the Mountain Biking Page on this blog.  As far as open trails go: Syringa, Gold Hill (to benches), Gravel Pit, Farragut, Empire State and Round Lake.  The Gold Hill-Gravel Pit connector is in bad shape.  I hope to get it cleared this weekend.

As far as the beaver Pond Trails, well they are now clear now too.  If you know where those are cool, if not, don't ask.  Tupelo Ridge Trails are now clear too.  Good ride and have fun!

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Trail #257/227 Ride Report

Dah!  I rode this trail back in October, did a write up and then forgot to post.  Anyways, here ya go...and by the way I here it has been cut out already this Spring and good to ride.  So, better late than never to plan a trip.

Recently, I went down to CDA and rode Caribou Ridge or Beauty Bay or Beauty-Carlin or Tr #257.  I am never really sure how to refer to this trail.  I have heard people refer to this ride using any of the above.  Trail numbers are always the safest, so it seems.  But I, like most, don't typically remember trail numbers.  I do remember trail names, especially if they are descriptive or creative.  Let me tell you that along this trail you will likely not see any caribou.  You won't really get any views along the trail either.  As a side note, the best views are down at the lake before you turn and go up to the campground or at the top of Mt Coeur d'Alene.

The general ride is a 2.5m climb up to the ridge, then do a short road ride, then pick up the trail again and bomb down the backside of the ridge, hit the valley floor, and finally, turn and do it all back the other direction to your car.  

Anyways, I didn't take a lot of pics.  Mostly because this trail has such great tread and flow all the way to the top, bottom and in both directions, you don't really wanna stop.  And there really isn't any "good looking" stopping points.  Once you reach the top of the climb you are on a road, not really a stopping point either, so I just continued on down the road and picked up Tr #257 (there is a road riding dog leg that connects the 2 pieces of trail together).  No one likes to stop on fun downhills, so no pics there either.  There are some other ride options, this is the way I like to do it.  Super fun trails, and to be honest, probably the best CDA has to offer.