Friday, October 14, 2016

Deer Ridge/Snyder Creek Ride Report

Ahh, weekend up in the high country of the Purcell Mountains.  We were looking to do the Snyder Creek Trail #205, but weren't really feeling up to ridge riding from the Deer Ridge lookout over.  There were some mumbling of the previous evenings shenanigans.  Anyways, crafted a route starting from the Deer Ridge Trail #350 trailhead, off FS Rd #2517.  I am noticing a lot of numbers on the screen, hope they make sense cause I am starting to get confused.  

Shadow photo bomb

start with a climb

Anyways, I hadn't ridden this Northern section of the Deer Ridge Trail in probably 6 years...if memory serves me right.  It is a rather long shuttle ride, even if you are in the Bonners Ferry area to begin with.  But the 1.75 miles of riding to the Trail #205 intersection was straight up amazing!  Open meadows, fun ups/downs and some great 360 views packed into one short trail.  Then we hit the Snyder Creek Trail for 6ish miles of sidehills and fast descending.  5 trees down for the day, 4 of which we were able to clear.  Trails were in great shape.  And this ended up being a great route if you are looking for a rather easy day of riding (way more descending than climbing).  There is still time for you to do it...but not much.
some of the miles of sidehill on Snyder Creek

cool mossy rock

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Mineral Point/New Mud Lake Trail Connector Ride Report

Cruised out to Green Bay to ride.  The Mineral Point, Lost Lake and Mud Lake Trails are always a solid ride with great views.  These trails also happen to be some of the first to open in the Spring and last rides open into late Fall/early Winter.  Just an FYI as I look at the snow in the hills already.

Anyhow, there is a new trail in the area as well.  Well, not really so much a new trail as a new addition to an existing trail.  The Mud Lake Trail now extends South and across FS Rd #532.  This new connector is .6 miles (according to my bike computer), and ties into the Mineral Point Trail about a 1/2 mile below the midpoint trailhead where the restrooms, picnic tables and viewpoint are located.  The trail is all cut in and clear, but not fully buffed.  It is rideable now (better heading downhill to Mineral Point Trail than trying to go uphill though).  It is pretty rough.  Next year it should be finalized.

This new connector is an awesome addition to the system out there.  It will make for some great new loop options.  As a note, I know we all like to get new trails.  I remember walking and flagging this proposed trail some 6 years ago.  New trails often take a lot of background time and effort before ground is actually broke.  Being patient sucks.  Go check out this trail before snow flies.

here is a view of the fresh trail

Friday, October 7, 2016

Woodrat/Bulldog Point Ride Report

Now Woodrat and Bulldog Point aren't rides I would say you should drive all the way up to Priest Lake to do on their own.  Their mileage isn't long.  However, if you looking for a good half day ride while in the area with some surprising views, and killer climbs, then look no further.

Priest Lake Gold Course

Nonmotorized you say?
As you see from the sign above, the Woodrat Trail is closed to motorized.  However, there was lots of evidence of motos on the trail.  There are many "other" trails in the area that are open to motos that link into this trail.  This ban is somewhat new, to my knowledge, so I also think it is difficult to ask people that have been riding this trail for years to just all of a sudden stop.  Now I am not condoning motos ridding on this trail, nor do I want to see them on the trail.  Just stating that this gonna be a hard ban to enforce.  So, when you ride this trail, expect that you may see some motos or at least evidence of there existence.  As far as I know, Bulldog is also closed to motorized...there were tracks there as well.  None of that ruined my experience.

what a shitty pic of the view
Even with moto traffic, these 2 trails make for a great ride.  The moss carpet covering the forest floor was just blowing up with lush green colors.  The tread was nice and tacky.  Views were amazing as usual...the Bulldog viewpoint is getting pretty overgrown.  I did encounter a few down trees, but nothing major.  Go hit them up!